Sound Educators:

Music Teaching and Learning 

by Robin Giebelhausen


  • Sing
  • Organize
  • Understand
  • Network
  • Dance


  • Experience
  • Diversity
  • Update
  • Create
  • Assess
  • Trust
  • Ownership
  • Rest and Reflect

Put it together

My vocation is to educate people about sound, specifically music. Music is sound, but sound has another meaning. Sound means good, acceptable, ethical, and/or sensible. To be a sound educator is to be a music educator who thinks holistically about teaching sonic ideas but also about being a teacher to humans and everything that is involved with that. 

In part, the sound educator acrostic is my story; how I grew as a musician, teacher, researcher, and teacher educator, and all the lessons I learned along the way. However, for each pillar of the acrostic there is much research. 

Some components of the acrostic may seem easier for some teachers, while others parts may elicit struggle. This is not surprising or problematic. For each of us, there will be challenges and there will be spaces and activities that are easier. As Ze Frank would say, if this applies to you - congratulations, you are human. 

Please note, there is no single item of most importance or hierarchy in this list. All are important. All are needed. 


brings you 



Let me help you with your ukulele skills!

Got no skills? That's ok, too. 


Publications, Research, Social Media.

Oh my! 


Music Learning Theory, Music and Gender, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Creativity, Technology. Requests for professional development.

Robin Giebelhausen, Ph.D.

Musician, Teacher, Researcher, Muppet

Robin Giebelhausen is an assistant professor of music education at the University of Maryland College Park specializing in general music. 

Sometimes she is known as OMG THAT UKE LADY.  She also owns an absurd amount of puppets. 

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